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This Frontier Needs Heroes

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Date de parution : 27/08/2013

Durée : 0:03:41

Style : Alternative

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When i turned 21 my grandpa showed me how to shoot a gun
And at first i thought that it was fun, but
Then i heard that the sun would die, and so would i

Down on the farm where no one can be harmed
We'll hop into my car and drive away
I would waste an hour just to pick you flowers
And climb the eiffel tower just for you

What a beautiful day for you to say
That you'll love me forever and always

Memories are just bullet holes
When i get the doledrums
There no remedy
For this impending melancholy

Accept down on the farm where no one can be harmed
Oh baby your my lucky charm
When nothing can go wrong down on the farm
And when i sing this song i know that love is real

We'll take a picnic basket off into the grass
And then i will ask if i can kiss you

Will you love me forever when i wear suspenders
To hold up my jeans that do not fit me anymore
Just like my grandpa before me,
Just like my grandpa before me

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