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Welcome 2 the second chapter,my friend (my friend)..
I told you 3 songs before,how the story began.
Believe me, bein' broke is not the best of all,but the worst of all is if u're tryin'2 be
Rich and have a dog hangin'on your testicals,yo.
I ran away,and then i tried 2 hide.
I saw this muthafukkin'bus on the corner,so i jumped inside.
The doors got closed,so i took a look around,guess what i saw...
24 beautiful women,lookin at me without makin a sound.
This must b a dream and i tried 2 wake up (shit!).
But this little munster between my legs proved me da opposite,yo.
One bite deeper,and i would sound like rob halford.
So i said,listen up ladies,there's a thing that i need ya help 4.
Get this dog (shall i call it a dog or a rat?)off my dick,better make it quick,
This little teeth are makin me sikk.
They were from sweden,a cheerleadin-team,
On their way 2 some kind of championship,if u know what i mean.
The girl in the middle said:"get this pussy!",
I said :"what?now?"
"not you!the chihuahua,that seems 2 be part of your balls."
Ey yo,the beast jumped off,and my menhood got saved,
And 12 fukkin'hours later 24 pussies got shaved...

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