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Good to see you again, rosie
I know i've changed a lot since then
You're lookin' fine, babe

Three years that ain't long, rosie
I still remember our song
When you were mine, babe

Times change, times change i know
But it sure moves slow
Down river when you're locked away

Hey why didn't you write, rosie
I stayed awake most every night
Countin' my time babe

Oh no i ain't mad rosie
I know you had to mind your dad
But just a line babe

Oh sure i remember then
We went off to school
Ain't that right
Well he ain't no fool

He's a good man rosie
Hold him tight as you can
Don't ask me why babe

Yeah nice seein' you again rosie
Me i got things to do
Well good-bye babe



Rosie down river
Down river when you're locked away
Rosie i'm losing
Down river

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