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At your birth
I was the one who cut the cord
Less of an honor i could not afford
Little boy you're the core of my soul,
Without your presence i cannot be whole
Fear floats in and does not ask please
Your loss brought me down,
Down to my knees

Down to my knees,
Please bring back my son, he loves in fear,
Baby please, his soul will tear;
And soon will freeze

Days turn into nites,
And the nites make me crawl
Deep down in my dreams, i'm hearin' you call,
"where are you dada, i cannot stand tall"
My back pressed to close to the wall,
I hold your photos, and then i fall,


Understand there are flaws in his shield
Transparency in the veil of his soul
A little boy is like dew on the field,
Without his dada he cannot be whole;
Without his dada he cannot be whole

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