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Space Ghost

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I'm going downt o the river
Honey, that's where i'll be
Gonna hold my nose and jump right in
'cause you don't care 'bout me
Take me to the river
Where the water's dark and deep
I'll be down where the fishes sleep
'cause you don't care 'bout me
You don't care 'bout me
You don't care 'bout me
Going to the river take a dip
'cause, baby, you just don't give a flip
(space ghost)
(breaks out into some scat)
(breaks out into some scat)
I changed my mind 'bout the river
I ain'ta gonna jump right in
Gonna go out tonight where the lights are bright
And find a new girlfriend
And we'll go down to the river
And you know i'll jump for joy
When she looks at me with those great big eyes and says,
"zorak, you're my boy."
(brak and zorak)
(still scatting)

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