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Sophie Ellis Bextor

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Take it all in ? let it all out

Can you help me?
Can you tell me why?
What made my heart sink
Now makes her cry
Drown my sorrows with another wine
But it won?t work this time
However hard i try

I gotta pick myself up off the floor
Kick these feelings out of the door

I take it all in
I let it all out
My world?s in a spin
Some things you gotta shout about
Cause when you?re down with love
There?s nothing you can do
What you want so hard to fight
Something you can?t live without

And when you?re down with love
There ain?t no cure at all

Jaded heart i?ve lost my appetite
And i can?t see
An end in sight baby hold me tight
If you?re not here with me
You know i dread the night


I'll never love again
If this is how it ends
And i don't wanna be down, down, down, down, down

Down with love 3x


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