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Bad Company

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Date de parution : 15/06/2009

Durée : 0:04:12

Style : Rock

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I'm a downhill ryder, babe i ain't going down slow
I'm a downhill ryder; i get the urge that it's time to go

Take my cue from my old guitar,
That i used to play,
Underneath the moon and the
Stars, 'til the break of day

I'm a free flying glider, got my
Head up in the clouds
I'm a free flying glider; i don't ever want to come down

Take my cue from the moon and
The stars that i used to play,

Underneath with my old guitar 'til the break of day, yeah.

All across the nation i can feel a vibration,
Let it in your mind, let it shine.
Take my cue from the moon and the stars,
That i used to play, underneath with my old guitar,
'til the break of day, all across the nation,
I can feel the vibration, let it in your mind,
It's going to shine, yes it's going to shine
Well i'm a downhill ryder,
I'm a down, down, down, down, downhill ryder,
Got the wind in my sails; baby i'm a cool man,
Down, down, down, downhill ryder,
Down, down, down

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