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Black Crowes

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Low down, downtown
Money waster
Where your saving grace
With that i like to taste you

But your flower is spoiled
Too easy to make you
You got a .38 and your book of revelations
I got a .44 and load of temptation

Well, i'm a rounder
Like to round around, whoo hoo
Say i'm a rounder, yes i am
And like to round around

They got two for one
At the store on the corner
Little girl like to drink
And sniffin' powder

Like the bar
That stays open after hours
Like the boys that go, oh for 24 7
Too many late nights and you don't go to heaven

I am a rounder
Like to round around, yes i do
Said i'm a rounder, oh yeah
Like to round around

Get down
Get down

To my low down, downtown
Money waster
Your saving grace was that i liked to taste you
But your flower is spoiled to easy to make you

Well i'm a rounder
Got to round around now, yes i do
I'm a rounder baby
Got to round around now
Just got to

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