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I'm so fuckin' swagged out oh my god
Bitch fuck with me 'cause you know i'm straight hustlin'
12 cell phones with them 'k like a russian
Straight servin' yay and i'm strapped like a hustler
Buy her lil pussy ask your bitch if she wanna fuck somethin'
Damn it's a party crackin' like it's bar bar mitzvah
36 bitches on my dick 'cause i'm sisqo
No homo bitch i got broads out in frisco

Oh my god i i got bitches suck my dick bitch

Ask my bitch if she limbo
Bitch better speak 'cause she know i play nintendo
Bitch kiss my ring and she call me carl winslow

Man i got 'bout 500 bitches all of them love me, oh my god all my bitches love me

Ridin' up on tonka (oh my god)
Strapped with two 9s and they call me willy wonka (swag)
Crack her whole head and i'm workin' like a farmer

Oh my god i'm workin', twerkin', fuckin' bitches

7 cell guns and i'm cold like norway
1989 put my bitch on a fourway
Heavily swaggin' bitch check my meter
Pay her whole rent and she call me cousin skeeter
Right hand cuffin' dudes you a wife beater
Bitch fuck with me i pay that bitch when i see her

Pay a bitch head, pay for head, i'm paying for head

Bitch fuck with me i'm a tell her when i see her
Young based god nigga swag off the meter
Young based god buy a bitch like reefer
Strapped with two 9s and they call me quincy jones
Got a ak and i look like al capone
Word around town i got 5 going for 10
Word around town i put that ying in that yang
98 bitches and they call me steven king
Based god

Dr. phil!

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