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Blue Rodeo

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Date de parution : 02/03/2006

Durée : 0:05:51

Style : Country

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Wouldn't it be just like me
To come undone
Get mad and lose my head
Leave with the bitter taste
Of poison on my tongue
From the things i said
Things i said
You left a hole in me
And the rain comes pouring in
Sometimes i'm swept away
All of our memories
Are burned into my skin
They never fade
They never fade
It's cold out
Nobody wants to be the one
Who gets thrown out
Left in the rain like the lonely one
When it all comes down
To who's been right or wrong
We're just dragging on
Keep dragging on
Could it be someone else's
Life we're looking for
I know we wait in vain
We leave a mess behind us
Laid out on the floor
We try but we don't change
We never change
It's cold here
We're too scared to wake up to face the day
It seemed so clear
Oh as we run out of things to say
Oh and it all comes down
To who's been getting strong
We keep dragging on
Keep dragging on
Hours and hours
I have laid here on this bed
I know i'm sinking through
Waiting to wake up
From this vision in my head
But i never do
I never do
Oh i think i'm done
Oh i think i'm done
Oh i think i'm done

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