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Diesel Boy

pochette album Dragonfly
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Date de parution : 10/02/1998

Durée : 0:02:2

Style : Alternative

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She boards a one way train she's leaving home again maybe this time =
She'll be strong enough tears fill up her eyes as her kids wave their =
Goodbyes maybe this time they'll be strong enough finally its =
Fare-thee-well thirty-three, she's been through hell it's time to ramble =
On she takes off all her clothes the petals stripped off of a rose the =
Pain is finally gone and somewhere way up in the night the moon reflects =
A brilliant light and she smiles because she knows that she is free a =
Lonely man shaving in the sink as he slowly sips his drink he remembers =
How he used to be the numbness in his soul runs deep blacker and =
Blacker, week by week he remembers how things used to be his kids are =
Grown, his wife's long gone he stumbles home then drinks til dawn he =
Won't escape today he drops his shoes onto the floor can't fight these =
Demons anymore he finally falls asleep and somewhere way up in the night =
The moon reflects a brilliant light and he cries because he knows he =
Can't be free
Submitted by: mel

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