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(*) what lies in front of me, i don't know
What's waiting in hiding, don't wanna know
Ready to eat me and finish me off
I shudder to think of their eyes that glow
(**) i'm not a chicken, oh no not me
I'm thinking of what's going to happen to me
Should i stay or should i not
But i don't wanna hear
What the answer will be
(***) but in a trick or two, and my super magic
It'll be easy to change them quick
To fight is right, but i'll seem like the devil
Cause that's the best one of all my tricks
(****) dragons and demons
And all kinds of monsters (4 times)
Dragons and demons
And all kinds of monsters (twice)
My heart is beating
Faster and faster
It's a lovely thought
To find them out
But it's the one thing
I can do without
* repeat
** repeat
*** repeat
**** repeat
Dragons and demons
And all kinds of monster

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