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Rotten Sound

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Date de parution : 22/09/2009

Durée : 0:02:35

Style : Rock

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(music: mika, rotten sound)
(lyrics: keijo)

The bath we live in,
It's fucking contamined...
Call the cleaner, call the firemen!
I want to get rid of the filth!
The whole race: floating in rust
The symbols in the water must be obsolete!
The dirty water around all of us
Polluted by icons
Crosses, churches, stars
Legends and betrayers!
Convenience from the chewed shit,
Living without own ideology
Follow the jester, believe in him!
Find the leader and obey!

A natural pressure on top of the plug,
The drain could keep us sane
Who is holding us from the infinity?
Is it you, or the whole society?
Who's the blame?
Who's the blame?
Who's the blame?
Who's the blame?

(lead: juha)

The plug to be pulled
An ultimate solution
Beliefs to be collapsed
Salvation, the sweet salvation...
The sweet salvation!
The sweet salvation!

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