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Sacred Reich

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Date de parution : 15/06/2007

Durée : 0:03:17

Style : Rock

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Falling from the helliah skies
And draining you of life
The darkness masks the evil body
Then is gone into the night
Hypnotic stare, you're drawn away
He's taken your soul from within
Fleeing to crypts at dawn
The terror for now will end

Arising from infernal tombs
And draining you of blood
Insatiable appetite not fulfilled
The count's feeding ritual undone
To keep warm blood on his lips
For centuries to come
Not to let the dead souls rest
A blood drained corpse when he's done

Returning to the coffin
Sanctuary from the light
Drifting to a peaceful sleep
Waiting for the dark of night
Looking to the sunset
As light now slips away
Spreading wings of horror
Locking jaws of death


Feeding on the minds of man
And lifeblood flowing through your veins
Stalking you with burning eyes
Then ripping out your brains
The bewitching hour midnight
Gives life to phantom form
Taking human souls
Beware you've been warned


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