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You're like a black scrooge, sitting in ya lonely house
I'll attack you for runnin' ya phony mouth
Even ya homies bounce to this nas track
It's a known fact, i know ya despise that
Talking bout rollin' phillies, you ain't sparkin' that shit
It's a silly marketin' trick, i really start to get sick
50, my art is legit, now you're marked on my list
Get targeted quick, you ain't hard, you a bitch
You can be a rider and ride or a coward and hide
I remember when you spit that, but now we collide
I'll devour ya, make all your powers subside
If you don't want me to swallow ya, swallow ya pride
I remember when you were humble, looking up to me
Now you wanna rumble since you live comfortably
Life is a jungle, you be where the monkeys be
I be with the bravehearted lions, that's my company

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