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I musta work hard,what the fuck!
All the time just get a coffee cup
Imma man so i need some relaxation
Maybe i speak of lil' penetration
Couple of bitches who make me blow up
Niggas jealous and they say fuck up
Don't care 'bout that i do my thing
That's why i take yo fans evidently, there're a lot of girls but yo girlfriend want i fuck with her
Come t'yo party she saw me she called me and asked me
How d'you find the party at the same time i got my mind in anotha way
I was lookin' for her titties and her fat ass booty
She makes me wanna say oh my
At the moment it's like i drive but she wants me to ride her and i don't know if i get the time to play with her salute the real nigga that you want in yo bed
And sorry to yo boyfriend who get the bad head damn!
Boy i know how much you wanna be at my spot but maybe yo girlfriend is became tired
Boy i know how much you wanna be on top but err'body know there's someone there you understand what i said and now yo girl want to stay highest shit so i don't have the time to play it'll be an exception,girl pop the champagne if you tell me we got the sip type girl,i'll say got this drank in my cup,i said i got this drank in my cup, you got this drank in my cup,cup cup..krizzy!!!