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French Montana & Coke Boys

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Dranked up, smoked up (x2)
Acting like a bitch who me, no never
I'mma get around, chase this money forever
You rocking with the best, no one can do it better
She talking to fast, this is what i tell her:
Pour it up (huh), roll it up (huh)
Shawty do it to fast, then she slow it up (huh)
(french montana)
Rolling quarters 2 meters of that loud too
Speakers, 4 ounces 2 liters of that drank
Fuck ya' think?
In the back ,me and mac
Shawty mean, going in, quarter back,
Going deep, need a plat
I be platinum with that pussy worldwide
Everything you did, we done did it 4 times
You balling then i missed it
I did it then i switched it
I curve them when i'm sober
And hit it when i'm twisted
I'm dipping down her ocean, hitting walls and curving corners
Swerving in that space ship, all the bitches they be on us
Acting like a whore, who me, no never
Purple drink i pour, no body do it better (huuuh)

(mac miller)
Shawty how ya been, i love the way you pour me up
You hate it when i sip it , but i love it when you pour me up
Just another cup girl i don't think i'm moving slow enough
Fuck these out of town hoes, i'm sticking with my local love
Baby can you sip it for me
Sleeping, we can miss the moaning?
The bb gun to my raffle be a christmas story
Yeah, she pull me closer when she getting horny
And i ain't worry bout them other dudes who hit before me
This gonna be the best
Something that i'm sure of
Girl i dig your energy, i'm fucking with your aura
They wanna kill themselves when i open all my doors up (suicide)
And this my car but baby you can drive
Cause i'm fucked up , leaning in the passenger
You don't fuck musicians
Baby girl just let me rap to ya
Drop me at the crib , show you where i live , i ain't worried
Just know your bullshit don't concern me
Dranked up , smoked up (x15)

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