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Mothers loosing children more homes to live in
War..brothers killing brothers
War..for many a year war has delivered

The homeless, the riches
The warriors without question

Grand illuusion, world confusion
Profits made through attrition

We are all one, yes jah said that
We murder in his name, a sad, sad fact

Spreading death for material gain
Here we go again, that same old game

We turn on one another
War..sisters loosing sisters
War..mothers loosing children
War..for ages on end war has delivered

Cries of love, ruthless scrubs
Victims of inocense

Filled body bags, warlord hacks
Creators of hate and discontent

Debate without resolution
Acts of vile contrition

Rogues feeding maniacal men
A diet of a la president

No more homes to live in
War..brothers kiling brothers
War..we turn on one another
War..well-when willthey ever end
Will they ever
Lifes disappearing
War..whos left for grieving mothers for the children homes to live in

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