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Crystal Eyes

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Date de parution : 12/05/2003

Durée : 0:06:43

Style : Heavy Metal

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Music: mikael dahl - lyrics: mikael dahl

Across a hot and desert land
Against the wind of dust and sand
Reality seems so far away

Under the burning mortal sun
I find myself, the lonely one
A stranger rushing blindly through the day

Pre chorus
Burning horizon you are calling me
Burning horizon you will set me free

Once a hero, now a shade
Chasing dreams that slowly fade
On the endless road to nowhere i ride
Once a proud man, now a ghost
In search of peace from coast to coast
From my dark and empty life i can not hide

Don't know how many years have past,
Or how long this journey will last
Tomorrow seems so far far away

I am a madman on the run
Yes, a lost forgotten son
All i know's that i can not stay

Pre chorus
Solo both, dahl, nyberg

Memories of pain hunt me everyday
They're driving me insane.
I can't find a way out of this hell
Someone please tell. why did it all go wrong?
And tell me where, just where do i belong?
Let me find a place to stay


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