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Bei Maejor

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You're gonna have to go threw hell
Worst than any nightmare that you'll ever dream
But in the end you know you'll be the one standing
You know what you gotta do
Do it, do it.

(verse 1)

Dream killers want me to stop
Yea, i bet they want me to stop
But i really cant
Hey i cant hey
They ask me dumb shit like
"do you think that you can make it?"
Or "where do you see your career going?"
The fact that that's even a question is
Just mind blowing
Who else produce, write, sing, keep rhymes flowing?
See i believe that even if i shoot from half court
I'm swishing
"no he didnt"
Yea its all in the wrist kid
Don't test me i'm twisted
Liable to snap on a hater
Straight slap em if he doubt what i'm doing
Might react or start acting a fool
If them lips moving
Trying to be as big as you two
They want me youtubing
I'm cruising counting sheep
Altitude a couple thousands
If you tryna wake me up,
Try harder a nigga drowsy.


Dream killers
Trying to make me your way
Dream killer
Trying to hold me.

(verse 2)

And they say the wont me to stop
Yea, i bet they want me to stop
But a n*gga cant hey
I cant hey
They ask me shit like
"who you hear this song for"
"you should sell this song to such and such"
Honestly ion give a rats ass about such and such
Ion want nothing much but twenty thousand soldiers touch
Have em shaking in they boots like this angel dust.
I got a funny feeling when these n*ggas want my trust
Plus they lying through they teeth
I guess they never brush
A psychic told me that my good days will start tomorrow
These rappers gassed up like a lear.
Miles coming
He gone shine like a chandelier
We living in hell, you sure you can handle here?
Dream killers by my bedside but i don't fear
Pull the chrome if i got to
Go back home is what i wont do, nah
Wont return empty handed
Til i'm living in the mansion
Sitting in that lamb screaming that "the world is mines"


*bei maejor

So now i'm sitting in my back seat
Looking out the window
Staring at the world go by
Feel like tupac sometimes, all eyes on me
I love big, bumping ready to die

*e. miles

These dreams i dream are real, pray for tomorrow to come, to come


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