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Mac Davis

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Date de parution : 13/03/2007

Durée : 0:03:04

Style : Country

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Well, it's two a.m. in nashville,
Midnight in l.a.
You're asleep and i'm out on the road
And i know you can't hear me
But i'm talkin' anyway
It helps me kill some time and ease the load
Hon, the man didn't like my songs
And he sent me on my way
And i blew my bus fare home in tootsie's bar
Now i'm out on murfreesboro road
Hitchhiking to l.a.
And the rain pourin' down on my guitar

Honey dream, dream me home
Dream me safely back to your door

Won't you dream, dream me home
And i swear that i won't leave you no more

Well, no one wants to help out a long-haired hippie freak
It's two a.m. in nashville, tennessee
They threw me out of the truck stop, and i got no place to sleep
If this is freedom lord, it ain't for me
Hon, i'm hangin' up my nashville dream as soon as i get home
And i'll share my songs with no one else but you
We'll sing 'em up together, they'll be mine and yours alone
I'll be all the things you've wanted me to
If you'll just dream, dream me home
And i swear that i won't leave you no more
Baby dream, dream me home.
Dream dream me home

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