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David Easthouse

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1.well i guess i've always been a dreamer
Muser , muso , poet , schemer , living in a world of fantasy
And when i was a little boy , my friends would mock and jeer & taunt
When i would hum a melody all day
But it would not bother me much , or reduce me to tears
As i always had this voice saying in my ears
Dream on david , dream on
Create a new world with your songs
And escape into that fantasy when everything goes wrong
And dream on david , dream on
2.and moving forward from that time
The years between could not quench out
The gift i knew that god had given me
And at school and university and two years in the military
Where my dreamer nature had me not fit in
And with all the screaming orders and villifying me
It's like i couldn't hear a thing , this voice still in my ear , saying
3.then the years went by and so quickly, 20's , 30's, 40's , 50's
And sometimes i thought it had eluded me
But writing more songs all the time and sharpening the art of ryhme
That star of hope always flickered brightly
And as with all creation , a birth there has to be
And nothing ever could put out that voice always ringing

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