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Joe Budden

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Now tell her we gotta clean this whole spot out
I don't care who she got coming i need five chairs
Tell elva give me a mint hookah
Give me a couple a peach cirocs
And tell bernice give me 10,000 in singles
Parks keep me up in the headphones
Let me talk some shit to them real quick
It go (it go)

(verse 1: joe budden)
They tell me life's a bitch i'm just celebrating fuckin' it
Table full of bottles now its looking like my bucket list
Forward thinker i ain't one to regress
Payin' no mind to these bitches they just come with success
I spent christmases gift less, way to many decembers broke
Never got a stamp but found a way to push the envelope (envelope)
They told me i'd be dead i'd never make it out
If i ain't accomplish shit else least i erased the doubt
I'm so unassuming i can't figure why i'm hated now
Even made depression seem like that wasn't a major bout
My dreams big, niggas tried to take 'em down
The jewel is in the perspective not the other way around
See my persona is calmer, obama blended with dahmer
Ever ponder your karma, manana could see a llama
And if a nigga do, won't be complaints from me
I'll be all good with it, i did all i could with it (let's go)

Chasing a dream doing what they say i couldn't have
Spending money the government say i shouldn't have
Uhh, and i'm taking my team with me
Cause if none of its real my niggas gon' dream with me
Dream on chic-a chic-a dream on
If ever one of you fall i'm here for you to lean on
Dream on chic-a chic-a dream on
Steel sharpens steel until the whole teams strong

(verse 2: joe)
This could've went totaly different
See i could've been heist and heist could've been me
We did the same b and e
Same charges, same guns i popped off, he was away by then
Had to do seven in an 8 x 10
Came home to no belongings, everything to gain and nothing to lose
I'm in the polar opposite shoes
He wonder why we ain't as close as we was
How can i say its been years, i'm not the joe that i was
He see the car, the crib, a few chicks, and think its come to fruition
If he knew the tuition i paid would view it different
Then we'd be in agreeance
Cash won't be a grievance
Down playing my achievements
Afraid of how you'll receive them
Our bond is forever, i ain't gotta hide that
If i got, then you got, you can tell your pride that
I'll share it all, no complaints from me
Sometimes we all need a hand
Real niggas understand


(verse 3: joe)
See the fame i never asked for it
I'd have been cool in a rav-4 delivering packages door to door
Ain't ask for the scrutiny
The acts of buffoonery
From muh fuckers who ain't never been in a room with me
Fuck my perception, all of it is deception
Can't fuck just to fuck, got to use my discretion
But, that dont take away from the blessing
Nah, id do it all over within a second
Providing for the fam
Beats riding in the lamb
Riding for the fans
Feel like catching lightening in a can
Understand, was built for this, made for it
Prayed for it, forget i even get paid for it
Forced to learn the game on our own without the coaches
Talent went unnoticed, this is hope for the hopeless
They get it all no complaints from me
Cause they gon love how it feel when the dream become real

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