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Blue Sky Riders

pochette album Dream
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Date de parution : 18/12/2012

Durée : 0:03:31

Style : Pop

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(first verse)
Who are you to tell me what i cant do-well that aint right
As if all ive beens all im ever gonna be for the rest of my life
You take the glory days, ill take whats on its way
All i can do is believe in myself-if i listen to you i might as well

Leave me in the rain-send me out to sea
Lock me up in chains-throw away the key
The day i ever get too old to dream
Do you even have a heart-what good would that be
I may be walkin, talkin but it wont be me
The day i ever get too old to dream

(second verse)
In my heart i can still hear the drummin and i dance to the beat
I wanna be the one whos gonna follow the sun and trust the heat
These are the glory days-cant let em slip away
No one can tell me my best days are done-no one but meand if that day comes

Lead guitar
Chorus - ends with "to dream" 4 times

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