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Im just a man with a dream
A man with a passion and plans to succeed
A man with the actions to back all my speech
I stand i just happen to land on my feet
I aint even acting when im rapping on the beats
You wont catch me on the streets where the gangsters convene
From hackney to clapham they handle the heat
But im just being me, im as frank as can be
I go uni, im trying to grab a degree
While my brothers move keys and theyre stacking the ps
Im trying to buy time, cos im anxious
I read as i analyse life, from my angle its bleak
Im rapping lifelines in the anthems i leak,
I aint like these hype guys that are bragging, im meek
I know my purpose, so i rap as i please
Nobodys perfect: pour champs for the priest
As bad as it seems, im just sad as a being
And i guess that comes through in the language i speak
Theres tramps on the street and theres shanks for the beef
And my stomach backflips at the acts that i see deep.
And its actually peak, got me sitting here, thinking if the madness will cease
I just pass by in an addison lee
Looking at the bleak streets from the passengers seat as i dream.

Close my eyes, lay my head and imagine a greater day
Im just dreaming my days away, days away.

And im blatantly shakespeare,
With faith to replace fear,
Ive made some mistakes, yeah,
But daily i pray to elevate to a place where,
My greatest of pain and daily strain is erased clear,
No care in the world like babies playing in daycare,
Not hearing the tales of getting chased by the jakes here,
Or hearing the shells that penetrate in the day air,
Just hearing adele and maybe drake as i take care,
Eating steak off of plates with my mates at places in mayfair,
Changing the state of estates and making the papes, yeah,
Evading the fakes, im changing lanes as i stay clear,
Not wasting away but just taking aim for the greats as i dream.

And i just dream, cos everybodys gotta dream (x4)

Close my eyes, lay my head and imagine a greater day
Im just dreaming my days away, days away.

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