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The Dan Tucker Band

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Yesterday the streets were wider now they're narrow
I would go to the place of mystery is gone.

Truth's revealed the wide-eyed wonder of a child is gone into the eyes of that distant dream
I had dreamt the visions of a peaceful life i live the remnants of that child's dreams come true.

Take my hand and take my feet on the paths that no one has tread before/ no one knows the pain that dreamer's feel.

I cross these rivers deep and wide/i search through valleys deep and wide/the other side starts where each new day begins.

Now today i will walk the streets of yesterday
Have passed into a new beginning is what i see

From the bridges on the rivers that flow from yesterday
It's clear that i am dreaming my reality.

Dreams are real/make them happen as a child plays the games that are reality at any age.

The dreamer's dream... the dreamer's dream... the dreamer's dream!!!

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