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The Gift Of Gab

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Gift of gab!!!
Oh my god...
Go to sleep rhymin'...
And wake up rhymin'...
Just cant turn it off man
Im just thinking too much
Just, i just, i just wanna take a break for a second
But i cant i just cant flow without it man its like...
Oh my god!

Rhyming and dominate prominent ominous flows
Ominous rhymin and shinin the time it is club
Divin and hiding they thrivin' its marvelous so
Obvious ya'll be as down to this party in yall
Intimate sentences entering infinite kaka
Tangents and ligaments bend and extend in your chakras
Didn't and getting and sittin and chillin and fillin and spillin it fillin it jillin
This is how it goeees
Dropping a bomb on
A comet a saga is shakin'
Father the stoppin and polish it all in a breaka'
Fall on a (?) and follow the dollar ill fake ya
Although im all about wallace's ballin
I hate ya
Ballin your comets are fallin all over your acres
Swallow your shower
Im pollen in operative papers
All of em slaughtered the rappers
And taught of the master
Be caught in catastrophe
Come get and hit with power (pills?)

And the pain in my head
And ive never
Never, neverrrrr
Felt so alone

My mind cant stop
Cant stop
My mind cant stop
Cant stop (x2)

Lets go

And the pain in my head
And im dreamin

Sir diesel e.s.o. you know
Thought you knew
Go look it up

Ding dong
That's me at your door
Sir diesel the sandman
Gun atcha jaw
Uncut funk the bomb
Set to detonate
Sure to shake it
Til you're lucid
Persuade ya
Remind ya'
That whinin' about loneliness
Never get you to the zone you wish
My rhyme
Be the sign of the times
No matter the dateline
Im the grapevine
For the plotline
Just hit the hotline
If you on cloud 9
Im hittin the turbine
You cant outshine
The sunshine
Bottom line
From the starting line
Make it as clear as crystal lime
All the way to the finish line
It's a system wide
Pimpin on the pleasure principal
Is it you?
You cant pimp me
Im an o.g.
Servin you the cold heat
Time for you to go to sleep!

Thought you knew
Jive turkey

And im dreamin...
My mind wont stop
My mind cant stop (x2)

Brother ali!!!

..and im dreamin
Face down im seen sleepin
Deep in a dream in the steam of the evenin
Too much food for thought
I keep feastin
Beats that need beastin
C's that need teachin
Inner city peeps need reachin
Not ho'n
Im heaving
And freedom is the reason
D.c.'s teens in the street keep me grievin
Tears on my cheek
Yet we keep believing
Every weekend another funeral procession
Creepin all down the streets
And families weepin
Peeps need healin
Anger's seething
Wanna grab a piece of that heat
And get even
The tradition we're steeped in
Breed beef and try to teach peace
And make some new vegans
Its too frequent
Living conditions is indecent
Future been bleak
Man quit reachin
And all i got left is my speakin
About these inner visions i be seein'
Till i can touch and feel im not ceasing
Never stop rhyming
Never stop dreamin...

The pain in my head
And ive never
Never, never
Felt so alone

My mind cant stop
Cant stop
My mind cant stop
Cant stop (x2)

And im dreamin.. (x6)

Ring ring
Yo what up b?
Yo whats up g?
Oh chillin man, just packin my shit man. im about to head out to this little vacation man about to go, clear my chi out man just to get away, just relax, clear out my energy for a minute man, take a little trip man
Yo where you goin?
Yeah im about to go out to vegas man. just a couple of days
Oh sweet pea vegas, what?

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