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Boys Night Out

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Date de parution : 26/07/2005

Durée : 0:04:52

Style : Alternative

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On some nights you'll find me falling.
I am formless, i am shapeless.
And on some nights i am better left alone.
You take it all in from some severed state of stasis.
You scream "wake up!" inside your own body
But you're buried...or suffocating...or worse.
Tonight it's worse. tonight the screaming hurts.

Tonight i'm wrapped up in her.
We find each other under blankets as warm as summer.
We are inseperable.
Our bodies know what they're for and we give in,
We explore each other, desperate for something inseperable.

This coma kiss is infinite, and i may take your tongue if you stay.
We are this dream - fluid and intricate. we made it that way.
Every nightmare needs influence, and your body turning blue as you lay directly next to me colours this on in blueish hues and darker grays.

Everyday when i awake, i'm shaking or worse.
Tonight it's worse. tonight the screaming hurts...

Last night as i was wrapped up in her
I drowned her body under blankets as warm as summer.
We were inseperable.
So this is what has become of everything that i loved.
The betrayal and the blood became inseperable
From the most beautiful nightmare i've ever had.
Completely inseperable.

I see her hair spread across the floor
Entangled in the telephone cord.
Our favourite songs been repeating all night.
Someone call an ambulance because somethings not right.

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