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Def Manic

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(verse 1 - def manic)

Damn this is hip hop,
Fucked around and everybody got their lips dropped,
Flew a long way then understood,
From the bronx, to brooklyn, damn to hollywood man,
Last night was so damn real,
I never felt that way before and i don't ever really deal,
Obligated to come back and i hated,
Underated and i never understand why we thanking,
These previous small idols to the chemistry,
It's the wizadry, i feel has gone up into me,
Powers that i just possess to the throne,
I was a lil early teen just making it home,
And i came up all alone and i,
Understood when i shattered the glass and i really cried,
Couldn't stare at my reflection anymore clearer,
Fearing the risks when i become a big drug dealer, damn
But that was never me, i always had a brain,
Came up in the wrong side, in the other lane,
That's what the fuck we writing through,
Writers' block killing my view,
And i ain't never getting the flu,
But i make rappers sick to their stomach,
Can't stomach my lyrics they call me eminem,
Ran to his concert remember them?
I gotta stop being a victim,
Society taking me back and i ain't never ever lift em.

(chorus x2)

We dreaming and dreaming right,
Fuck the doubt just hold onto your dreams real tight,
We dreaming and dreaming right,
Everybody wanna hate even if they really like.

(verse 2 - rosewood smith)

I said it's fleet on god, yeah we on top,
Summertime in a peacoat, hot!
Million dollar spread, that's them c note plots,
All i know is g o nigga, i dont see no stop,
Middle finger those cops, told my mama we'll be alright,
I'm out gettin this money, might be all night,
In l.a watch how i ball, at c.paul heights,
Lyrical jack the ripper, i conceive ya'll life,
Uh gettin throwed and, heal the games wounds
I stitch where it's open,
Common said he used to love her, all i got is mixed emotions,
They closed the door on me, so i kicked it open,
From an infant to infinity bitch,
No apologies me and success chemistry mixed,
Triangle theory of the fleet,
Deciples trinity fits,
Standing on an intentional pivot,
In the lab stirring the potion,
Ima mystical wizard,
See the image the picture,
Livin in a dream inception,
One percent of the illest alive, among the living infected,
Fuck them pussy niggas, eatcha bitches for breakfast,
Bet it's murder on site, should i feel disrespected?
Ima misfit, rep it,
Tell them haters get off my dick,
I think you bitches desperate,
They talkin bout me when you hear em mention forever, gone!

(chorus x2)

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