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My ears are tired
Let's give em something new
To listen to
Cause i found the skills inside
I've gotta prove
What you never knew
I'll keep pushing towards the light
And one day i'll finally break through
Every single lie
So i inhale deep to spit out the truth

I'll turn reality into dreams
You'll need a whole army
To stop me
Nothings what it seems
And you think you know everything about me
So hold me at the bottom
And scream to the world that you doubt me
But come face to face and tell me your all about me

To get some solid bars out your mouth
We'd need a miricle
Come on, let's hear it though
You can only fail so many times
Before you finally find
The right rhyme
A strong line,
It'll take a minute though
We are not all born lyrical
Realize that for fucks sake
So i'll use the rhymes to sift through all the fuckin fakes
You lost the lust for art,
To try and gain the fame
You've got to give it your heart
And then life will start to change

Dear music,
The melodys a drug
And i can't help but abuse it
I think i fell in love
So i'll stick to it
I got this
It i'll prove it
Get you and all your friends saying
"jeff's on some smooth shit"

You better gets your bars up or just fall back
Rewind the last minute, what you call that?

I'm givin you a lesson
I'm spittin here for free
Give a penny for your thoughts,
...but my thoughts ain't cheap.