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Cels Dupri

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I'm out to get it so money
I'm gone get (gone get)
My team with me so money we gone split (gone split)
I know them haters mad but fuck it i won't quit
Take they cd out the deck they playing the wrong shit

What happens when you see them fake niggas plotting against you
This a story of my own, the plot is suspenseful
Yal only care about my present, not what i been through but i still let em know when i jot with my pencil remember when i dream of them better scenes
As i flip through the pages of a magazine
I swear the shit that i've seen would make a nigga scream
But now i'm following my dreams so let a nigga be

3 in the morning, i'm wide awake
My girl text me and said that she kinda baked
And that she don't really know where she at, she just tryna make it back
Man i just hope that she find it safe
Cuz i'm supposed to be there with her
But instead i'm always working in the lab
And i think that's why we fell apart, i shouldve seen it from the start
Cuz now her heart is up for grabs
Whiplash as i turn a new page
Deep down i think i want more
Have you ever had everything you owned, just taken from your home
When niggas kick in your front door?
Shit is reckless huh
Niggas would cross you over, leave you guessing huh
Be cautious of what you got, that's the lesson huh
But its cool cuz my pen is my weapon
One stroke would leave you breathless
You gasping, its hard to catch it
Round ya throat like a necklace
But check it
I send the message
Don't approach by my presence
Feed the ears, they feining seconds
Push out songs every second
And better my future present
And now the weather is getting better
See me rocking pricey sweaters
I was talking to my guy, we plotted it out
He said this the way to money, he charted it out
Told me don't forget the ones, who started me out
So whoever in the lead i'm hunting them out

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