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No i won't take no for an answer
Only yes i will follow my dreams dreams dreams

1 verse(mr.wakobi)
Growing up aint always been easy
Dealing with negativity folks teasing
Family changed up like seasons
Adversary with no reason but i never stopped dreaming
Cuz hope was the only thing i used to cope
Walking through this cold world short sleeve with no coat
Chicks never holla cuz a brotha too broke
Celebrity mind state but to them i was a joke (whoa)
Now that a make you feel bad
Always dreamt of flying laid back first class
But instead i had to settle for the buddy pass
Any site of the pessimist i just walk on pass

No i won't take no for an answer only yes i will
Follow my dreams, dreams, dreams
I'll do whatever it takes starting today
I'll follow my dreams dreams dreams dreams (yeah)

2nd verse(mr.wakobi)
Dream killers love it when your broke down torn
Treat um like feds gotta watch out for um
With success at the tip of my tongue
If the shoe doesn't fit then it aint the right one
Dreams never die so keep the lights on
And you never know if you like it till you try on
The day i stop dreaming my soul dies on
Traveling through life with both highs on
Life with out a dream means all skies gone
So i gotta make sure that i keep my drive on
And i can't afford to waste no time
Cuz these dreams keep growing stronger on the inside


Afro transition / outro

No i won't take no for an answer (3x)

I refuse to give up
I refuse to lose
I'm going all the way
And if you got the power to dream
You got the power to achieve
Success meets success baby