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Written by lori chaffer on 10/24/97 at 10:05am

He was holding her hand
For the very first time
He was telling her things that she just did not understand

Between her hand and his
She felt every touch
She would laugh & cry & laugh & cry inside because for her it was a little much

Dreams come true
Now that i'm with you
God is good even if sometimes you don't wait around in his neighborhood

She woke up from a bad dream/nightmare
And can't get back to sleep
He just holds her all night in his arms waiting patiently

He can summon her smile
From the ends of the earth
He has given his heart though he doesn't know quite what it's worth

He is loved and beloved
He is one of a kind
He is nothing he's made himself
He has all god's grace on his side

And a little bit of grace
Goes a very long way
It makes straight and flat all the 12 step plans you've made to walk straight

Some songs are prayers, some are just commentaries,
Some make you smile, some make you cry
Some help you focus while you're waiting (on his tributaries)

Seems like he's always moving his neighborhood next to mine

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