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Such Handsome Silver

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Date de parution : 15/10/2011

Durée : 0:07:49

Style : Electronic

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Blood flows from my heart. and bleeds under my eyes. draining all my beauty. drops of red on white. leave a stain of misery. i made a mess. when i spilled the glass. of temptation. all over myself. these broken wings cant fly. and these blackened lungs cant breath anymore. this tired soul cant fight. and this cold heart cant love anyone. dont look. at me im a slob and a little baby. splattered with the guilt. of my regrets. these crippled legs cant walk. and these dirty hands cannot hold on. these covered ears cant hear. and my list of wrongs is so long. im not. the knight in shining armor. that she needs. and my sickness. will spread and try to harm her. a disease. and god wants me to change. he knows i cant stay the same no. and i know im to blame for all my pain but im just too afraid to change. and she deserves more than my chains. yet i deserve all her disdain. shes been praying. everyday but not for heartache. and ive been playin. in the flames when theres so much at stake. how could i. do this. and my tux is all ruined. so they wont let me in the ball. but look your gown is still spotless. so you have a ball you little doll.
Your little hands can heal. and your memory wont go away. your child eyes
Can soothe. and your pretty face still haunts me everyday

And its here i reap destruction. the tenderness is all gone. that once was a part of me. and sensitivitys
Gone too and i cant feel a thing. especially love. how hard and callous am i. oh i dont know how. to do it. help me oh the shame. i dont know why that i cant pull the thorn from my side. just look at you (dance)

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