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"oh, mos' feet and it hang, can't you see?" i groan.
She says, 'oh, wha' 'ts arright." i said, "jesus, don't take it at all."
She's a past-cold beauty, but she can't light a cannonball.

Now, down by the river she's a-hop on her knees,
And i holler to my baby, yelling, "please, please, please!"
Oh, then i hit her and doubt my chase at all.
Now, no hoax. let's go! but it's that pure soul, and it's off the ball.

Now, honey, i'm makin' a hot to road.
Now i'm happy to leaving, but it's a heavy load.
I said, "ah, my babe. she don't meet me no half at all."
Dress it up. best to pick up, bub: better have it all.

(oh, let's shake it up.)

Well, hot dog, goody me. settle on a trail
Down apart my knees i can't find my kerry. find a nail!
She old top these... oh, better hold mine up.
Please, let's go, 'n' i hope it don't interrupt.

(oh, do it again, now. one time for bozo and his dog.
Hot skimmin', jumpaway. yay, yay, yay, yay.)

I hope it come' easy; i hope it comes hard;
I hope i sit me down yon' sit a little a chicken yard.
Open up, ol' henry. get that boy on home.
Tell bess momma, he's up 'n' gone too long.

(once again, now. oh, sounds so sweet.)

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