Paroles de Driftin' in the wind

Bart Crow Band

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Sitting in this lonely room surrounded by my friends
Empty liquor bottle, is this how its supposed to end
Yeah, you left me standin here, well im a broken man
You can watch for me all alone cause im driftin in the wind

There it goes again and you turn your back one me
Push, it came to shove and you turn around and set me free
You promise me your love but i guess it was all pretend
Watch for me me passin by ill be friftin in the wind, in the wind

When we both started out, we were the best of friends
Now im sittin here all alone with my four walls closin in
Never thought i would go this way and id die by a trigger sin
You can watch for me all alone and im driftin in the wind


Well i just could not take no more, you made my life no fun
So tomorrow theyll lay me down and theyll throw away my gun
But can you taste the powder now, baby, can you taste my eveil sin
Im just out here all alone and im driftin in the wind


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