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We drifting apart

We drifting apart (3 times)

We sleep back to back
Theres no respect
You turn to the left
But you turn to the right
You look at the ceiling
While you are squeeling
There's just no common ground

We drifting apart (x2)

Why why baby why
Does it have to end this way?
No no no no no
It looks like the end
No time for amends

I tried to reunite
But you always fight
Cos weve grown apart
Its breaking my heart
Its breaking my heart


I tried to work it out
But you hardly home
Cos weve grown apart
Oh you working on my nerves
Thats why you fight
Do i have a choice?

Whats wrong with you?
Not a thing
Whats wrong with me?

I dont give a
What? give a damn

We drifting apart
Drifting drifting yeah
Oh we drifting apart


Bye bye my love
Bye bye
Bye bye
By bye

My love

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