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Yer high no way to disguise it
You reek from here i can smell it
You musta savored the flavor
Gave away things you shoulda saved r
Now i see you ride a bicycle
Beats ten years locked in a prison cell
See you ride the wrong way down the highway
Pickin bottles tryin to git your fines paid

Alcohol it cost you everything
Took yer house yer car yer weddin ring
Good reason to drink even more
Dont care wanna die on the floor
More alcohol for me to consume
Bottles everywhere all around the room
Im hammered from day to night
Only way i can tolerate life

Used to be you could go out and party
Now you stay home watchin the tv
Stayin home keeps you out of trouble
No one likes your alcoholic double

Drink drink drink till ya get drunk drunk drunk
Then you fall down down..right down on yer face

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