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Ice Cube

pochette album Drink the kool-aid
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Date de parution : 27/07/2010

Durée : 0:03:11

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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This ain't sinatra
This ain't the carter
I am the chaperone nigga who brought'cha
I am the author...this is holy water
From the holy father the rock of gibraltar
Step up to the alter step up to the slaughter
Get circumsized son and turned into a daughter
Nigga know they oughta drink the fuckin' kool-aid
Industy laid out authorities are too late
Mc's passed the due date nigga as they do hate
You are bobby boucher i'm the mane like gucci
I rock the louie but not like kanye
Nigga see me kinda like harry belafonte
Step into the room they be like ah day-o!
Yeah cause they know a nigga ain't play-doe
Shots all fatal is this laredo
Boarder town i knock'em down just like legos
Drink the kool-aid!

Verse 2
I ain't the doctor
This ain't the patient
This ain't that nigga always on vacation
This ain't no white boys rehabilitation
This is crazier then a boat full of haitians
This is inflation mixed with degradation
This ain't no dead rappers reincarnation
I heard it was a new west coast i ain't worried
I murder more stars then conrad murray
I got more bars then the penitentary
I wrote this shit without a rhyme dictionary
Young bucks try to step up to the harim
Looking for some pussy i'm a old buck i dare'em
Drink the kool-aid

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