Paroles de Drippin (ricky mulah verse)

Ricky Mulah

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(ricky mulah verse)
Ayo kid ink
Let them niggas ship sink
Yes i said fuckem'
If these niggas aint with me
Do you bitches get me?
I be fucking nifty
When i travel out
You know i be too shifty
Gun go --- pppphhhh
If he talk slick
Yes i'm at head his head
With a motherfucking brick
No jokes
But that bum a trick
Flow wet
All you hear is drips
Get it done up in a minute
All my bitches stay drippin
Alotta' haters keep trippin'
Got birds that i'm flippin'
If he got a problem
Imma solve it like math
If he got a problem
He get headed to the back
I'm civilized
No worries in this section
You a walking std
Big infection