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Jerry Leger

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Date de parution : 07/10/2008

Durée : 0:03:39

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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I'm going home to you
I've been trying to find my way
I've been crawling back to your place
I don't mind your wandering eyes
You can do whatever you like
'cause i ain't been honest
But now i'm gonna try

And the light that shines above you
Leaving in a beat up truck
Won't ever make me treat you right
And i wonder where you'll go
As you drive away tonight

I thought i'd come with you
But you drove away so fast
You're a girl who don't hold onto the past
Maybe you're in alberta
On some small little road
I need to find you
If only just to say hello

You let strangers through your door
And it ain't shelter that they're looking for
Wish i could be a stranger too
And i wonder where i'll go
As i drive away for you

I know that i let things die
I know there's nothing
That just becomes a sad surprise
I left you waiting by a phone that never rang
And that don't say i love you

Now i don't pretend
That i'll be seeing you again
But maybe someday
Out on a distant train
Glancing in disguise
Out of the corner of our eyes
And we'll be wishing
For another day another time

And the light that's shining through
Well, it shines right down on you
And at once we're both side by side
Wondering where we'll go
As we ride away tonight

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