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Sons Of The Desert

pochette album Drive away
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Date de parution : 22/04/1997

Durée : 0:03:26

Style : Rock

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Things are too simple, things are too hard
Nobody's happy with the way things are
Looking for the quick fix, the short term loan

Got to rent 'cause you might not be here long enough to own
Well, the way i see it the trouble with the world these days
It's gettin' way to easy just to drive away

With you and me, baby, it's up and down
We're moving the earth or we're on shaky ground
We talk about forever when it's all going smooth

Or moving out tomorrow if things don't improve
Well, the way i see it the trouble with love these days
It's getting way too easy just to drive away

Because you can drive away if you've got half a mind to
And half a tank you can drive away
First sign of trouble first little thing goes wrong
You can climb in your car and drive till you're gone

Whatever we've got, it's worth the risk
To read a little promise into every kiss
You pay for the music but you do get to dance

When you love somebody it's not that big a chance
Well, the way i see it, we've got every reason to stay
And every reason to go together if we drive away

We can drive away if we need to start again
Baby that's okay, we can drive away
Till we find that place where we can live on faith
That we'll never again have to drive away

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