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Todd Rundgren

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Date de parution : 27/12/2005

Durée : 0:05:27

Style : Rock

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I'm bleeding
I don't think i can go on
I'm dying
My last breath has come and gone
Pity the man
Searching in the sky
Looking for a sign from above
And he never caught a glimpse of
What he's worthy of
Don't sit and wait
For the world on a plate
It's not a stroke of luck or chance
Just draw a bead on that sucker
And drive

I'm falling
I don't know what's up or down
I'm spinning
I can't turn my life around
Pity the man
Waiting for a clue
Can't tell what to do with himself
Ends up as a fool who
Lives for someone else
Don't sit and cry
While the world passes by
Stop tagging after the other guy
Just get a line on that mother
And drive

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