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Date de parution : 16/11/2007

Durée : 0:03:08

Style : Alternative

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I step on little creatures
Just because they can't fight back
My little dogg'y begged for food
So i gave it a good wack
I saw a blind man. walking stuck out
My foot he tripped
I took my grandpa in a wheelchair
And then i pushed him off a cliff
Drivel drivel
Drivel drivel
It's all drivel
Glad i'm civil
I saw a bum on
The street begging
For some coins
I told him
Get a fucking job and then i
Kicked him in the groin
A little girl who went from home
She asked me for it wise
I told her go and sell your ass
For a fairly high prise
I don't care whats good or bad
As long as i have fun
The world's near dead
But i'll be glad
When live is done
I take a shit and read the news
Tomorrow its the past
Glad i'm civil now
The paper wiped my ass
It's all drivel
Glad i'm civil

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