Paroles de Drone operator

Jon Langford & Skull Orchard

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Date de parution : 01/04/2014

Durée : 0:05:23

Style : Rock & Roll

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I'm not really a soldier
I'm more likely to die
By car wreck or cancer
Than an eye in the sky
That follows them home
Right in through their window
They never know
They never know

When i was a young boy
I played all the games
Straight out of grad school
Someone gave them my name
So i drifted into
A job with good pay
Through traffic and construction
I drive in every day

Don't call me a coward
I know what is allowed
I'm like a god with a thunderbolt
Sitting on a big white cloud
I'm a drone operator
With targets to scan
I sit drinking coffee
With one eye on the ground in the tribal lands

I'm a drone operator
I am part of a team
I study my monitor
Wipe some dust from the screen
It didn't look like a wedding
It really wasn't my call
When it all was over
We went to a bar, drank beer and watched basketball

Can i buy you a drink?
Yeah, i'd do it all again
To stem the flow of body bags
The politicians find so hard to explain
Oh, please don't complain
There's no pain, no pain
When this bar is closed
I'll follow you home, i'll follow you home
In through your window
You'll never know (follow you home)
You'll never know (follow you home)