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pochette album Drop it on the one
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Date de parution : 01/01/2007

Durée : 0:02:43

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(verse 1:)
Lets get rite tonight,
Girl i gotta know.
Where have u been all my life?
You got what i like.
So get on the floor,
And continue to hypnotize me the way you do.
Cant wait till you give me the,
Time of day to show you why.
I'm not like those other guys.
Girl you might just be surprised.

I'm not in the club or creepin'.
You so lady-like and freaky too!

You might be the one, girl.
Drop it on the one, girl.
You and me on this dance floor,
Gone let me get close some more.
You might be the one, girl.
For someone who won, girl.
All those others might not be them.
You might be the, you might be the one, girl.

(verse 2:)
It's just you and me,
What you wanna do?
Baby let me inside your mind.
Because i know that i can be,
Be the one for you.
Wont be no other girls on the side.
I'm tired of livin' trife,
Think i need a wife.
Let me be your provider.
And i know that she's a rider.
Freak the night away until she's tired.


You might be the one.
All these other girls that be round
They ain't got nothin' on you
Girl thats the truth
You might be...


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