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Rich Homie Quan

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Gotta bank roll in 2 pockets
Same hos who knew about it
Used to be in school talking funny how i got you watchin
And aint shit you could to stop me i gotta loyal crew dat wont move wit out me
The next thing i knew about it
I was trying to get it to shawty
Turned the hoe on to a molly
All i want you to do is watch it
Grab the pole while you drop it
I love the way that you pop it
That pussy talkin

Look at all them diamonds you see on him
So much money on me right now
Might take him up the creek on there
Wake him up they sleep on him
Cant go no where that leash on him
Tryin to stack me a mill meek on him
Got his piece on him cheat on him please
... need a pimp 30 hoes in the vip
Another show wreck the whip that puttin on aint shit to him
That benz i want like 3 of them
Spinz now like me in here
And i preach to them when i speak to them
And im fresh as hell like easter wear
Gotta bank roll in 2 pockets
Bandana on i might 2pac it
Got 50 thousand went shoe shoppin
They say im arrogant and to cocky
I see you watchin


Rich homie might pull it off him
Hell yeah i know my boys, niggas sayin that pussy talkin
I dont see no vocal cords
Got that other pack from that other man
Its in motion for (who)
That other man playing middle man but i know its yours
The egg beater by the george forman
Im on the molly geeked its 4 in the morning
Im bouta go to sleep off ya boring stories
This beat right here a freak done had like 4 abortions
Like a horror story
And im scared cause the feds could say its us
And them folks try to give me like 10 for it
Rich homie baby you know i cant sleep
I just left the bank

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