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(verse 1 kenny silver)

I'm a drop out,who's trying to come out
Married to this life i'm just a sideline spouse
I'm trying to live life of somethings you can't even pronounce
I'm the type of guy who show up in your party unannounced
And i know we get the same feelings , but we can't relate
Cause i'm at the top and you just below the ceiling,
And if all i got is one shot then you know i can't miss it ,
How you suppose to show emotions when you ain't even have the feeling
I got that night time music make these other rappers start wet dreaming
Yeah ,
I keep it lowkey like i got a bottom hole key...
I'm the mohafucking star , promoters wanna show me...
Bitches eyeing , someone tell them have a close see...
I'll be in your cities touring , overseas,
K.s kenny silver stands for kold sip naaaaa!i mean codeine sippin
Charting billboards man i'm the shit , rappers falling like their songs leaping
I'm the boss , you my assistant
Middle finger in the air that's a hi fuck from a distance
I'm magic circling in between these lines michael vincent
She tell me she love me,i tell her i'm not into commitments ,
If money was water then you know i would jump into the deepest end
You people talk a lot while you should let the numbers do the talking
You haters doing math while i get to profit
I got balance ,
You just leveling
I mean i'm just high... moon walking
I know you go through her phone that's why your girlfriend mail me
I'm so into another world... alien
Whatever you saying k.s already said it
And if you talking bout this rap shit then you know i already nailed it
My past bitches exing yesterday , i'm so today's date
Smoking on that purple sweeter than toronto's grape
We living the same life and we all got the same dreams
Kate moss on my mind like me and her can really paint a brighter theme..
Life is such a fucking movie i let the cameras roll recording all the scenes
Life is full of surprises , well guess what?it's not surprising me
Cause everything i'm a achieve i'll have worked for it
She acting hard to get
Yeah , cut the chase girl cause i'm not into racing
If money talks i let her have a conversation with my payslip
Big ass commas bout to fly my way, shit i thought i saw a spaceship
Nowadays i ask myself tell me what you want cause my life is bout to be better
I got girls falling for me like kenny's love story , novel
Remember late night talks with my friends i want this life forever
Yeah ,
It's getting hot in here like the air conditioner ain't working
I got these rappers nerves , like they ain't certain
I got pussies casting for me , roger corman
I solve your girlfriend cause her boy got problems
And i wish you bitches would listen
I wish you bitches would listen
I'm the mohafucking coach,i'm a put you in your positions
I swear to god i can't see these haters like my eye went missing
Boy it's day in , day out
Kenny making way in you folks making way out
I'm the reason why lil wayne should sign me
Yeah , it's only right if i said
In it till i make it

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