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Mötley Crüe

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A war zone in the streets, it's anarchy and siege
We hope it goes away
Graffiti on the walls in modern babylon
Nothing left to save

Ooh, feel the rebels heed
Revolution undermines belief
My eyes have seen this shit before
We're barely hangin' by the skin of our teeth

We've all raped it, the future's wasted
We can't save it now

Oh, we're droppin' like flies
Bye, bye
You're droppin' like flies

Hate is growing fast in a hazy cloud of crack
But it helps us fade away
Some inner city queen
French kisses his disease with one foot in the grave

Oh and this junkyard we call home
Is primed and ready for another war
My, my, my, the children have no chance
And these eyes have seen this all go down before

We've all raped it, the future's wasted
Can we take it? is nothing sacred?
We can't save it now, yeah

I woke up late in a fresh dug grave
With a conscience in my brain
I'm not here to save your world
But mine won't stay the same

Oh, my, my, we're droppin' like flies
Bye bye, bye bye, you're droppin like flies

We've all raped it, the future's wasted
We can't save it, can you face it?

Selfish livin', selfish love
Can you face it? can you face it, my son?
Oh, my son, yeah

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