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Lil' Flip

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Yeah, play & skillz, just let it bang
Na'm sayin'? hah-hah, feelin' this one
Yeah i'm feelin' this one
We talkin' bout music
Pay attention listen up cuz i..

(chorous - lil' flip)
I rock & roll, this is how a glock explode
My music is like crack, cuz i rock the shows
You got to know, that can't nobody stop my flow
My concerts like drugz, got fans got to go

(lil' flip)
I'm like crack, whenever i perform on a track
Cuz if you from outta town you about to get taxed
And that's that..i ain't changin' my price for nobody
You can keep them points cuz you ain't gon' sell four cotties
Cuz ya style to sloppy, ya beats ain't knockin'
And when you in public, them freaks ain't boppin'
My 6-4 hoppin' when i'm ridin' down the street
I still feel like i'm hustlin' (why?) cuz i'm raw with these beats
You could put me on a plane, or put me on a train
Cuz no matter where i perform, they understand my slang
They understand my pain and how i took over the game
From this day on, rap 'll never be the same

(chorous 2x)

(lil' flip)
I need 25 a show, i need 30 for a verse
(them video's on bet) yeah i know how much i'm worth
(how much?)..i'm worth alot, cuz i really work alot
And since will lean my nigga, i gotta help him out
So i'ma put him out (so nigga kick ya feet up)
And when the stores sell-out (then it's time to re-up)
So keep yo d-up, cuz we comin' with the heat man
And if you get a deal make sure yo niggaz eat man
And to my fans, i appreciate the love
So holla at ya boy when i'm at the club
Cuz i ain't hollywood, i'm from the hollyhood
The difference between me and them my music good

(chorous 2x)

(talking until song ends)
Haha yaa we flippin these tracks like crack
Yall niggaz tryin to double yall money, nigga im tryin to triple my stacks
Ya play-n-skillz on the track, yea lil' flip i'll spit it fast
Haha ya lets go to the next track man, they aint ready for this
We ahead of yall niggaz man, u know what i mean?
Shit you could put this album out 10 years later, and it'll still sell more records than u now
Haha bitch!

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